Inversion, originally uploaded by raventrickster.

Well, I’m off to the mountains again this morning.  It has been the craziest week in a long time for me, not the least because I ended my relationship with my girlfriend Jane.  I may as well have moved to a different city for how strange and foreign my surroundings seem now.  As I’ve been in a relationship for the past two years, to suddenly have that person no longer define your life is destabilizing.  But that was, in part, my goal.  In the past couple of days it has never been clearer how many friends I have, and among those, how many friendships remain half-formed for lack of attention.  I hope that all of this is going to give me the opportunity to make some stronger connections with good friends and new ones alike.

The mountains will, perhaps, provide some perspective.  At the very least, the view of the massive peak of Mt. Hood is very humbling every time I see it.  As they said in the great skiing film “Hand Cut”, ‘the mountain can kill you with a shrug, with a flick’.  As such a small and mortal being up there I think your two choices are either to be absolutely petrified, or to relinquish your fear, take hold of you situation, and shred.  I know which I prefer.