When I woke this morning, I fully planned on spending my day in the library, doing all of the work that should be done to keep my week from being hardcore and miserable. Instead, I had a delicious, prolonged breakfast with Jane, played banjo for a few hours, woke Xeno with cinnamon rolls, talked with him on the porch about girls and weather and other such good things like we used to when the months were warm, and then cut my hair and played even more banjo.

I apologize to Laila for buzzing me’ hair a scant five days after she cut it for me, but seeing the buzzer sitting there I longed for the shortest hair that I could get away with.  And plus, I’d had a Hams tallboy with Xeno, so it seemed like an even better idea than it usually would have.

The weather here has been great today, which has probably significantly contributed to my cabin fever and desire to do everything except for my work.  Xeno and I discussed starting up some bee hives, and I think we’re going to go try to get the go ahead to run them as part of the newly established Reed farm.

I watched an amazing film with Laila yesterday called Rivers and Tides, about the environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, who I think is now my favorite artist.  For those unaquainted:

He’s one of those people who make you want to do something beautiful and meaningful with your life.  It could be this and other beautiful things in my life that are making it hard to do my chemistry homework in the library basement.  But that aside, I need to head off to the Zen group to get my head screwed on right before the week starts.  Do something great.