Last Monday at my house (adoringly known as the Fridge) a three-week tradition was born: Margarita Mondays. The genesis of the idea was very simple; take a good recipe from a wacky alpinist, the impulsive insanity of the 5 male members of the fridge, and the worst possible day of the week, and you’ve got margarita mondays.

I reinvented the Marg recipe from Kelly Cordes’s blog. It’s basically the one that he writes about, but instead of corralejo blanco tequila, I used the sauza hornitos from his basic recipe, because the only thing broker and less motivated than alpinists are senior college students.  All in all the margs were great; 9 limes and 2 cups of simple syrup (too much) made for a coupla’ margs apiece for the 4 of us who got the ball rolling.  Now, I would not be cursing kelly’s name if it had simply stopped there… As a matter of insurance, when I went to the liquor store I picked up a bottle of Evan Williams Black Label.  If you’re not acquainted with Evan, there could be  a few possible reasons.  1. You don’t drink liquor.  2. You have more than $11.  3.  You keep meeting him and forgetting about it.  Evan is essentially really decent bourbon at an absurd price.  Evan also disappeared entirely last monday night, down the gullets of we five merrymakers to ruin, in advance, an entire week’s productivity.

Hunting Blind

An anonymous Fridge inhabitant takes aim from the 'hunting blind'.

How’d it pan out?  Well, let’s just say that there are several ways to swing an axe, especially one with a nice new handle, and the only way to decide who presents the most powerful yet efficient option is to give it a go right there in the living room, on the round that we usually use to split kindling.

Last night an unsettling thought occurred to me, sinking like a brick in the pit of my stomach.  Tomorrow would be Margarita monday.  I wasn’t emotionally prepared.  Friday had come with a $10 beer garden with 14 kegs, which meant that Saturday hadn’t been much of a drinking day.  Sunday was just a return to normality.  Was I ready to take the dive again?

Well, damn you Mr. Cordes, but it’s a holiday, and I’m not one to ignore holidays.  Today we’re to make the basic recipe:  Two parts tequila (50/50 Hornitos + Cuervo Gold), one part cheap triple sec, 3 parts lime mix (1 can minute made lime juice, 2 cans water).  Salt the glasses, shake the juice, put it on ice.  Man up, it’s Monday.