If I wasn’t tanked enough with work already, I am now.  The recent brutal cold snap that has hit the Northwest with subfreezing temps and blue skies meant two things: 1) The skiing sucks. 2) The waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge might have frozen.  This used to be a rare event, but strangely, it’s happened 3 of the last 4 years, and the same weather that was freezing the water in our toilet bowl every morning was getting our hopes up.  There was only one way to know if the ice was in– to get cold and go on a mission.

Salmon Run

The ice is in: Yours-truly doing the business on Salmon Run, WI3/3+

Pictures speak louder than my sad words.  If I didn’t have to do battle with a 10 page paper on some crap like “Kalacakra Ritual Perspectives” (I’m a biologist for God’s sake!) then I’d elaborate further.  My only observation is that the ice was melting out while we were climbing, and given the rain that’s supposed to hit tomorrow, I think we got it at the right time.  It might be in and thin today, if you want to get scared, but say goodbye tomorrow.

rod on lead

Rod Sofich crying quietly for mama', cursing the devil, and prayin' to the lord while leading Salmon Run.