This week’s marg recipe comes on Monday, and goes out to the Sitting Stone crew. As far as I can tell, they go to Reed College in Portland – hmmm, of the famed Portland Rock, where the Mayflower landed on Thanksgiving, from my last recipe? And Reed is my middle name…see, it really ties the room together, does it not?…As with so many things, the Beergarita can range from rank to pretty good. I’m not sure that it ever gets truly good, like good marg good, but it has its place. For now, and with all respect to the Sitting Stone guys, we’ll go lowbrow. Lowbrow has its benefits, like that you can only go up from here (once your hangover leaves).  -Kelly Cordes

As you might have noticed, Kelly has somehow ended up tangentially connected with us boys over here in Portland (Oregon, Kelly).  How does a hard climbing alpinist end up being sociable towards a housefull of college-dropout-aged folks, only one of whom climbs (that’d be yours truly)?  Well, simple, he started posting margarita recipes, and I started making them.  Every monday.  Voila, Margarita mondays.  Problem was, as of last weekend, I was out of new recipes, so naturally I asked for more, and I asked for cheap.  Not one to be out-cheaped, Kelly hit us with the beergarita, including a recipe (if a little fuzzy on the details).

After some research and development, we’ve developed a good ratio for the beergarita, so I’ll give you a revised recipe:

  • 1 can Minute-Made Limeade Concentrate
  • 4 cans Pabst Blue Ribbon

Mix those together and stir to get the bubblies out (assuming you’re not using last-night’s flat beers).  Shaking, though often reccomended, is precluded by carbonation in this case.  Now, salt your glass, and mix in your preferred proportion anywhere from 4:1 to 1:1 mix and tequila.  Squeeze a little bit of lime on top to fool your nose, and get rowdy.  This recipe is just about enough mix to use up the entire bottle of tequila, if you’re drinking about 1.5:1.  And yes, we used Sauza gold, because it was cheaper than the recommended Jose Cuervo.

As to the quality of beergaritas: not so bad eh?  They’re not much worse than the cheap marg recipe that Kelly posted last, and they’re loads cheaper.  Total cost for the margs: $15.

As with all margarita Mondays, or, as we came to call it on Kelly’s suggestion, Man Up it’s Monday, there was eventually a bout of complete chaos.  Total damage for the night: 42 PBRs, 2 bottles cheap wine, 2 limes, 2 burnt socks, 1 bottle tequila, 1 can limeade, 1 puncture wound.  Man up! It’s Monday!