Stovepolish, originally uploaded by raventrickster.

I’m about to head to Utah tomorrow morning, and, barring a mishap, will soon be back up in the mountains. I have to admit though that, on some level, I’m going to miss being at the fridge for this month and a half. There’s something about living in a place that used to be great, and now has more seasoned character than a president-gone-wino. The wood heat, the DIY fix for anything and everything, and more than anything else, the evenings sitting around the wood stove hamming it up over a rack of bad beer.

I’m psyched though, don’t get me wrong. Today was the first taste I’ve had in months of “pointlessness”, or maybe of “idleness”, and it just got me excited for having some free time to take on things that I’ve been putting off. Second semester is going to go well, with so few classes and so much time to climb harder, ski higher, and push my skills farther. I’ll have time to go to yoga again, which has been missing from my life, and time to do what I like to do without cutting into my sleep and well-being.

The wood stove is simmering low now, and I’ve got a stack of cds by my side with 12 hours of Dirtbag Diaries podcasts to keep me company tomorrow as I roll across Eastern Oregon and Idaho. There’s so much to do and so little time. Ski touring trips to organize, thesis to write, photo-editing to catch up on, and of course the NOLS instructor app to pour myself into.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon, hopefully with some snowy photos, despite this whole El Nino thing. But regardless, be well for the holidays. Drink good beer around warm fires, and ham it up with the people who deserve your attention. Cheers!