New clothes can’t change a man.  Nevertheless, change was needed.  The new look of this page reflects a few ideas.  The first is that clutter is a feature of web 1.0.  Intelligent people have discovered that we are no longer in the 90s, and that less is more.  The page should highlight the content, not distract you from it.  I’m still not satisfied with the page design, but I refuse to pay to make it look better, so it is as it is.  The second is that most web content is decidedly mediocre, and this page does not escape that indictment.  If I’m going to be valuable to you, or at least entertain you without inviting shame, then I need to step it up a notch a deliver better content.  What does that mean?  Fewer re-posts: just because it was funny elsewhere doesn’t mean that it belongs here.  Better writing: I will put more effort into the composition, and ruthlessly cut away what doesn’t belong. Create better content: Doing something just to write about it is absurd, but if I stick to my goals, then 2010 should be more interesting for me, and for you.  If I don’t live up to my goals, then call me out on it.