Yours Truly, on Mt. Hood. Photo courtesy of Elliott Reed, used without his permission.

Two goals in two weeks.  The list is getting shorter quickly.  This last Thursday, I was amazingly pleased to find a voicemail from a nice feller at the National Outdoor Leadership School.  Not only was he a nice guy, but he offered me a spot in the NOLS Alaska Instructor Course this coming summer.  So, barring disaster, come May 20th I’ll be on my way to either the Alaska Range or the Chugach Range for 30 days of learning and assessment.  There’s not much that’s more pleasing than crossing out the goal with “1.” written next to it.

I owe my sincere thanks to Rodney Sofich, Will Symms, and Jane Chipman for taking the time to write letters of recommendation for me.  In addition, all three have done much more than just write letters, and I owe them my inspiration and a good part of my skills as well.  Thanks to all of you.  The beers are on me.

I can’t know yet whether I’ll end up working for NOLS this summer following my course, but I’m happy, if nothing else, to go where I’ll be going and to acquire the training that is not only valued at NOLS but across the industry.  It’s also nice to have some answer to the question “What are you planning to do after school”.

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped me to make this happen.  It’s on me to do the dirty work now.  Until next time: it’s either sunny or it’s snowing, so get after it.