Crossing a log bridge near Mt. Hood, OR.

I wrote the invocation below almost six months ago and I can’t remember whether it ever found its way into this outlet, but it feels right for the time, so I’ll offer it up again:


May the sky be cloudless when needed, the nights cold with a billion stars,
May the winds be warm, but the rock cool and shaded,
May the beer be cold, and the women beautiful, but not too willing,
May discomfort be your freedom, and your tools strong medicine towards liberation.
May your campfire illuminate the faces of many friends,
and may your humor outlast your struggle.

May the world offer all that you need, but not all that you want,
May the morning dew be your breakfast, and the distant horizon your tea,
May your ascent be light, and the deep powder lighter,
May the mountains fly above you, and you over them,
And may you always return to your true home, wherever that may be
Amongst family and friends, a good dog, and the birth of future ambitions.