I’ll be headed up the mountain tonight to ski an objective on Mt. Hood.  Conditions are supposed to be primo, and they need to be taken advantage of, as a warm system this weekend is going to destroy everything (think massive wet-avalanche cycle).

I’m looking forward to getting out of town.  Some parts of my life have been really amazing lately: finishing my thesis, spending time with a great girl, preparing for Alaska.  But all of these things and more have a cumulative stress-effect– there’s just too much going on to process.  Graduation is in three days.  I’m in Alaska in five.  The road construction outside my house has been shaking the foundation and making the windows buzz.  And I’ve been sick.  It’s time to gain some altitude.

I’ll have some pictures for y’all when I come down.  For the time being, check out this new sport: Liquid Mountaineering.  It’s all about the freedom really.