Mt. Blackburn, Sunrise, 4am, originally uploaded by raventrickster.

I’m back in Alaska now, and tomorrow I’ll begin briefing for a 30-day backpacking course, likely in the Talkeetnas. I have few reasons to be confident, with so much across the line of the unknown, but I am nonetheless. If I return with the same number of students with which I began, then the course will be a success. Everything else is sauce, detail, and garnish.

Here on the farm, I’m surrounded by fun and interesting people who have similar life goals. I’m with my people, I guess, and I’m slowly getting to know them. I’ve met one of my co-instructors for the course and will meet the other tomorrow, and this is no doubt going to be a solid experience. I think that I can’t avoid learning more than I even now anticipate, even if I try.

Here’s to the unknown, to tolerating uncertainty and adversity, to the enthusiasm of novices, and to the collaboration of the experienced. See you in August!