Recently, I’ve been getting some flak that I’d like to respond to.  I won’t say where from, but let’s just say that some people have seen fit to criticize me for the ideas that I espouse and for the lifestyle that I am creating for myself.  I am indulging myself as much as I am indulging you by responding, and I don’t think that I’ll do it again, but I feel a need to clarify a few points so that in the future I can leave you alone to criticize and not care.

The first point is that I am by no means perfect, or even close to it.  Often, when I am inspired to write and to represent myself and my ideas through writing, I write from the voice of who I wish to be or what I want to become.  I’m not there yet.  I may never arrive.  I don’t live up to my manifesto.  But unlike many of you from whom I’ve received criticism, I’m trying to.

The second point is that if anything I want to inspire you to do things by writing here, not thump my chest and say how great I am.  What I include here is a cross-section of my most amazing experiences, not my average day.  It’s an evolving publication that started in a more wayward fashion and becomes more specific with time.  I hope that my photos and writing make you want to get up off the sofa and get after whatever it is that you know lights your fire.

The third and last point is that I have little choice but to be extreme, both for myself and in opposition to the status quo.  To quote Station 515:

“We work hard because we know we don’t have to. We are angry because we know we could roll over with a whimper and people would tell us that its ok. We work hard as an act of revenge upon the pieces of ourselves that want to be average. We work to become more than what we are.”

We’re all in the same boat:  If we allow ourselves, we’ll look for comfort because part of us is weak and scared and afraid to fail.  I don’t resent the world for being scared and weak, I just resent these qualities in myself.  What I do resent is those who would impose their fears and weakness on me; they hate to see action because it takes away the comfortable excuses that they have for not leaving their shell.  This is why I won’t respond to their scorn again, because cowardliness doesn’t deserve that kind of validation.

In summary, I’m imperfect. But unlike my critics, that’s the burning fire that makes me want to be better.  Forgive me for my grandiosity, my ego, and my insecurity, and then join me.

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