A new post on Station 515 talks about making time.  Not finding it, but making it.

Why is it hard to find the time?  Why is it so scarce, and where is it going?

Recently I put the knife to all the information that I consume.  The blogs, the radio, the tweets, the videos.  What was it doing anyway?  By asking what of this media I actually used, what media actually benefited me in some way, it quickly became clear that the answer was ‘very little of it’.  The reason that I found myself reaching for the mouse or for the dial was rooted in habit.  Cut off the habit and what happens?

Interestingly, very little.

When I took the distractions away, only then was I able to realize how little I do in an average day.  Sure, these days I take care of the most important and pressing things before I even turn the computer on, but what happens during the rest of the day?  Just filling time really.

This, I expect, is why entertainment is even a spending class on most budgets.  If you don’t do much with yourself, then you have to fill the empty spaces in your day just to support the illusion that you’re not worthless.  If you spend your day consuming, and you produce nothing (your job doesn’t count unless you’d do it without the pay), you’re just a cog, part of the herd of sheeple.

Turn it off.  Sit there.  Face the truth.  Only then can you start to do the real work of making your life into what it can be.  If you can’t go without, isn’t that addiction?  I’m going to give it a shot because I don’t want to be mediocre.  Do you?