I’m pleased to announce that this blog, which has been known by a few names over the last few years, is evolving once more, and with finality.  I’ve written here for the last few years with varying objectives, but I have been working to resolve the purpose of my writing, and I have chosen a single direction in which to proceed.  I’m not sure why I began to write, but I suspect that it was to escape the rigors of my education and put pen to paper about what I loved, rather than about biology or chemistry or anthropology.  Over time, my focus has shifted onto various tacks with varying degrees of ego and self-absorption.  Despite what I want to be, the truth is that I am a sponge for praise and attention.  I want to be noticed, I want to stand out, I damn well think I’m better than you, probably wrongly.  But this isn’t a side of me that needs any more reinforcement or encouragement.  It’s not going to go away, but I hope to stop slathering it on my readers quite so much.  All three of them.

I’m going to make the redesignated purpose of this blog public, short, and well defined, so that you may understand what I am trying to do.  I will still be writing the blog– I can’t remove that kind of  ‘I’-ness from the process, but if I have written anything here that has been of value to others (self-reported), it has been the writing that contained little of me.  What you have responded to was my writing on travel in the mountains, and the lessons that I have learned about life and living.  This leads me to the purpose of the latest resurrection:

Mountain Lessons will not be about me.  I will be a character in this story, but I am just the eyes that see and the ears that hear.  Mountain Lessons will contain writing and photographs about what the mountains lead us to learn, and about a life moving through them.  They are the guide, the mirror, and the judge, and there is much to be learned from them because they can be nothing but perfectly, cruelly, and beautifully honest.

I hope you’ll come and follow along soon.  Sitting Stone will no longer be updated, though select posts will move with me to the new domain.  The link will be posted here as soon as the site is up and running.  Winter is nearly here, and the snow’s starting to fall–  I must be off, but I’ll see you soon.