[Updated 10-18-2010]  Every revolution needs a manifesto.  A manifesto must be affirmative.  A manifesto must be subject to change.

1. Everything is either in a state of growth or decay, there is no middle ground.

2.  Insecurity and groundlessness inspire real energy. Discomfort and dissatisfaction inspire creativity.

3.  You are solely responsible for your happiness.

4.  Will breeds action.

5.  Behave realistically; use death to make clear decisions.  Security is an illusion.

6.  Self-love is the true basis of compassion.

7.  Self-examination is uncomfortable.  It is also critical for true happiness.

8.  Vulnerability is true bravery.

9. Trust only the worthy, but trust them completely.

10.  Action brings ideal into reality.

11.  Dishonesty is cowardice.

Think of what is right and true

Practice and cultivate the science

Become acquainted with the art

Know the principle of the craft

Understand the harm and benefit in everything

Learn to see everything accurately

Become aware of what is not obvious

Be careful even in small matters

Do not do anything useless.

-Miyamoto Musashi